Patrick Donovan, Attorney at law

Attorney Patrick E. Donovan earned his bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College in 1986, and his law degree from Boston College Law School in 1990. He formerly worked in the New Hampshire Department of Justice in the DWI Section and Homicide Unit, as a Senior Assistant Attorney General. Criminal Defense Attorney Donovan also served as a clerk for the NH Supreme Court and as House Counsel to the NH House of Representatives.

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Criminal and DUI Lawyers in Salem, NH

Criminal Attorney Patrick Donovan can help you or your loved one in need of an experienced trial lawyer. We can help resolve a criminal matter as well as a business or commercial dispute. We can protect your rights and also assist you in recovering damages as a result of a car accident.

Practice Areas:

Criminal Defense:
Driving While Intoxicated, Operating After Suspension, Sexual Assault, Drug Posession, Transportation and/or Sale, Simple Assault, Theft, and other Felonies, Misdemeanors or Violations.

Civil and Corporate Litigation:
Trade Secret Violations, Employment Discrimination, Contract Claims, Construction Claims and Defense

Personal Injury:
Motor Vehicle Crashes, Slip and Fall, Commercial Accidents or Injuries

Business Law:
Corporate and Business Mergers and Acquisitions, Small Business Formations (Corporations, LLCs), Partnership and Buy-Sell Agreements


About The Law Office of Patrick E. Donovan

Clients who hire Patrick E. Donovan and his staff obtain personal service backed by big firm knowledge and experience.  Telephone calls and emails are returned within 24 hours. Hearings and motions, not just trials, are attended and prepared by Criminal Lawyer Donovan, not an associate with limited knowledge or experience.  When a Donovan Law client goes to court, he or she will be supported by a criminal attorney in Salem with more than 20 years’ experience in the state and federal court systems in Massachusetts and New Hampshire who has represented and advised governmental institutions, such as the New Hampshire House of Representatives and the Office of the New Hampshire Governor, big firms and corporations, such as Quest Diagnostics, Bank of America, Mars, Inc., and countless small businesses and individuals with a vast variety of problems and disputes. 

            During his experience working as a Senior Assistant Attorney General for the New Hampshire Department of Justice, as well as his 15 years in private practice, Attorney Donovan has tried and litigated such high profile cases as Claremont v. Governor of New Hampshire (challenging the constitutionality of the state’s education finance system); State v. John Brooks (representation of a witness involved in a capital murder case involving a millionaire businessman accused of orchestrating a 2005 kidnapping and murder); State v. Jeleniewski (successful prosecution of man charged with double murder); State v. Dickens Ettienne (successful defense of man charged with attempted murder in nightclub shooting); Grandmaision v. Slattery & Plante (successful litigation of business partnership dispute resulting in verdict of $180,000).  Regardless of the significance or nature of your problem, dispute or criminal charge, Attorney Donovan will represent you with the same level of intensity, compassion and integrity that he invested in these high-profile cases.

            “I believe that it is, not only my ethical duty, but my mission to protect and vigorously defend my clients’ rights to the full extent of the law with integrity, passion and responsibility.  Litigation can be costly and time consuming, regardless of whether you find yourself facing criminal charges or in the middle of a civil dispute.  I make it my practice to discuss and advise clients as to the costs associated with any case, and endeavor to provide them with a cost-effective arrangement that will successfully resolve their problems.  The key to any relationship is mutual respect.  As an attorney and counselor, mutual respect requires, at a minimum, knowledge and an understanding of my client’s goals, ambitions and situation, good or bad.  Typically, clients come to me at their darkest and most desperate hour.  Navigating the court system can be a daunting and intimidating experience, but the costs of hiring a tough, aggressive, experience and knowledgeable advocate should not require financial ruin. ” 

Patrick E. Donovan, Esq.